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We send one email every Tuesday that is purely "value-based". Our goal with these emails is to grow our community and share our thoughts, observations, and life lessons with you.

We also send one newsletter per month on Saturday. This is a long-form article that goes deep into our thoughts, observations, and life lessons for the month. This allows us to share our experience with you and you with us.

Finally, we send update, special offer, and new release emails every so often. When a new collection comes out, we want you to know about it. When there is a special offer for email subscribers only, we want you to know about it. We like keeping our Odisi Family up-to-date!

We don't push anyone to subscribe to our emails for a few reasons:

1. If we provide value, people will continue to share our messages with friends and we will grow organically.

2. We do not want to sell you on our philosophy. We want you to want to be here. Read our content. Gain value from it. Then, incorporate it in your life by inspiring others.

3. Our email list is exclusive. Those who pursue personal excellence, seek discomfort, and grit through adversity are those we are proud to call our Odisi Family. Not everyone is willing to live that lifestyle. We don't want just anyone representing our brand. We want true believers in the mission and vision.

So, you asked why you should subscribe? You shouldn't...if you want to remain the same. But, if you are looking to gain a new perspective in life (mental, physical, philosophical, etc.) or you just want different thoughts, observations, and life lessons shared with you - you're in the right place.

Don't. We will never force anyone to sign up for our emails.

Note: You will not receive updates on the latest releases, subscriber-only contests & specials, limited edition drops, and more. Our email subscribers are always the first to know about anything and everything Odisi.